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10 Things You Should Bring On Your Campervan Holiday
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10 Things You Should Bring On Your Campervan Holiday.

What to pack


So, you’re going on a campervan or motorhome holiday. You’ve paid the deposit, prepared the family and you’re ready to pack. You won’t be surprised to hear that there are a few essentials you should bring that will make your trip a whole lot easier. We’ve put together the list below based on feedback from our happy campers, as well as our own experience taking motorhome holidays around Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Don’t leave home without:


1. Soft bags for your luggage. We recommend you choose soft bags because they will fit more easily in your campervan storage compartments.  Storage compartments vary in size, and you don’t want to be forced to keep your valuables in an insecure location. Choosing soft bags will also prevent hard edged suitcases causing damage to your camper.


2.  Entertainment. While ideally you will be spending most of your campervan holiday in the great outdoors, weather is always an unpredictable element. Bring some books, toys for the kids, and DVDs (if your motorhome is equipped with a DVD player). Those rainy days and long drives will fly by with minimum fuss.




3. Tupperware. If your camper has a kitchen, consider investing in some quality plastic storage containers for your food. Chose containers with a great seal, as your items will be bumped around in transit. Not only will your food last longer when stored correctly, you will also reduce the risk of spillage.


4. Chargers and spare batteries for your electronic equipment. Your campervan or motorhome can connect to powered sites in the evenings, but if you want to head off the beaten track, spare batteries are a must.




5. An iPod converter. Music lovers should check if their campervan is able to play their favourite tracks. All Apollo campervans and motorhomes in Australia and New Zealand can play MP3 CDs. However, most vehicles are not fitted with iPod jacks. You can purchase a radio transmitter at most electronic stores which will enable you to play your iPod through the radio.


6. An esky/chilly bin/cooler. This tip is for those who enjoy a quiet beer during their road trips. Motorhome interiors are usually designed to maximise space and functionality. This leaves a little less room for a fridge than your average kitchen. Save precious fridge space for food and store your beer or fishing bait in a portable icebox.




7. A spare SD or memory card for your camera.  You’re going to want to take a lot of photos during your campervan adventure. There’s nothing like realising you have to delete precious holiday snaps to make room for more, or being forced to purchase an overpriced memory card at a tourist trap.


8. Plenty of clothing. Your average rental RV will not be equipped with a washing machine or dryer. There are plenty of caravan parks which offer Laundromat facilities, however, to maximise your leisure time it is best to avoid the need for frequent laundry trips.




9. Sun protection. Regardless of your destination, but particularly in Australia, make sure you have brought adequate sunscreen, sunglasses, and protective clothing. You will be spending more time outdoors than you would during a traditional holiday, so it pays to be extra careful with your skin and eyes.


10. A sense of adventure. This one is self explanatory




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